Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Birthday Outing

This past week was Justin's birthday. (19! Woot woot!) With him being gone literally all summer, I was very berry excited to have him back home in time to celebrate his birthday. We made our way over to Downtown Los Angeles for dinner at B├Ąco Mercat, dessert at Gelateria Uli, and lastly a little look around the neighborhood near the Walt Disney Concert Hall to close up the day. It was really a pleasure taking him out for a change and enjoying the evening together before the weather chills out and the fall semester 8 AM classes commence. Since it was a special day, I brought my camera along so he and I could snap some photos throughout the evening, come along friends!

Lot's of yummy dishes! (El Pesco Baco, Original Baco, Bondiga Coca)

Cookie flavored ice cream from Gelateria Uli. Creamy with bits of crunch =)


Here's to another year of life. Love you nugget.


  1. <3 so cute. :) I like the ice cream pic the best! Haha

  2. and you guys are low key matching. hehehe