Sunday, August 2, 2015

#SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker

Hello friends.
When I think of some summer essentials, one of the first things that pop up in my head are a pair of sunglasses. While sunglasses keep you looking stylish, they're also important to fight against the dangerous side effects of not protecting your eyes from the sun. With summer here, many of us are out in the sun enjoying the warmer weather much more so it's extra important to be protecting your beautiful lil' eyeballs while still looking great. With that being said, I've teamed up with Warby Parker to show you guys some summer outfit ideas along with some of my favorite places to visit during the summer time while showing how you can #SeeSummerBetter through some of their beautiful frames. I hope this post can give you some inspiration on where to go, what to wear, and which frames to put on your future shopping list.

1) Beach Pier
Growing up and living in Southern California, the beach pier has been somewhere ideal to visit any season. With summer here, more families are on vacation, students are on break, and the beach is much more full of life. The pier in the summer time is great, the sun is out, but it's not too warm thanks to the cool breeze from the ocean. It's a fun place to spend an afternoon frolicking around with a loved one or even alone. Here's an outfit I would enjoy wearing to my next pier visit.

I love going to the beach right before sunset, but that's when the sun can be the harshest, so it's important to bring a pair of sunnies to enjoy your surroundings to #seesummerbetter while protecting your eyes! I love these shades in particular, the color of the frames look quite sophisticated (It's called 'Burnt Lemon Tortouise', doesn't that sound delicious?) while the bigger silhouette looks quite retro and chic. A perfect match with really anything.

Skirt: American Apparel
Top & Shoes: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Warby Parker 'Haskell' (Burnt Lemon Tortoise)


2) Farmers Market 
One of my favorite things to do in these sunnier seasons is to head over to my town's local farmers market. It's a great opportunity to purchase some fresh flowers (seriously, there's some really beautiful selections), try unique dishes, take photographs, and enjoy an early Saturday morning. Here's an outfit I picked out for what I would wear to a future farmers market visit.

A way to dress down a piece like this (if you'd like) is to pair a looser tee on top (with a little knot on the side) or to throw on a pair of sunglasses. These frames in particular have a unique yellow/brown tint on the lens, paired with it's bottom rounded tortoise shell frame, it can bring a warm summery look to any outfit while providing your eyes the protection it needs against the harsh morning sunlight.

Tote Bag: Nordstrom
Midi Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Windsor
Sunglasses: Warby Parker 'Percey' (Striped Sassafras)


3) Local Cafe
Any local cafe / coffee shop is a great place to spend some time, it can be from having casual conversation with an old friend who's back home for break or even getting some emails and work done, a comfortable cafe to lounge around in is one of many great places spend your hours if you're feeling a bit too stuffy sitting at home. Here's an outfit I would possibly wear to my next cafe visit.

Even if sitting around can seem comfortable, if you're at a cafe with open windows and glass walls, the sunlight can get harsh, especially if you're sitting outside. In these situations, a pair of sunnies can be your answer. Let's say the sunlight isn't the problem, instead it's your hair getting in your face and your forgot a pin, tuck your shades behind your ears and pull your hair back. Doing this not only gets your hair out of your face, but just adds onto your outfit like another accessory. Pairing these shades with an outfit can tone down and soften any look due to the softer brown matte color.

Top & Trousers: Forever 21 / Shoes: Windsor
Sunglasses: Warby Parker 'Jennings' (Striped Beach)


If you're interested in looking for a new pair of sunnies, but are sometimes skeptical of shopping online due to the fact that you won't be exactly sure of how it'll look on you, utilize WP's 5 Day Try on Home Program to test out your top five picks at the comfort of your own home. Also, with each pair of frames you purchase, another is given to someone in need. How awesome is that?! What are you waiting for? Go #SeeSummerBetter through a pair of Warby's!

UV 400 Protected / Impact Resistant / 100% UV Protection

Remember, in the end, wear whatever you'd like! The weather and season trends shouldn't make the rules on what you put on your body. Wear what makes you feel happy, protected, and confident! You look wonderful.

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