Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Update

These past three months have felt like three weeks and as well as three years. Things have been well and I've been feeling okay. I just finished my second year fall semester and as much as I'm looking forward to the spring semester, it's nice to take a break from the seven floors of long nights and dry contacts.

I was able to view some of Sister Corita Kent's work at the Pasadena Museum of California a couple months ago. Screen printing is beautiful and amazing. I hope I can take a class on it before I graduate.  I enjoyed her heavy textual content paired with really fluid and color rich prints, I'm continuing to look into more of her work since I've went. 

I've been eating well. Always thankful.

I took an introductory advertising elective this semester. I wasn't crazy about the class but had great opportunities through the course. Together as a class we visited two advertising agencies, 72andsunny and Mistress. It was truly a special and educational experience.

I've been reading a book titled "Worship Matters" written by Bob Kauflin. Here is a part of the text I found important. 

Some typography class sketches and a poem book I'm wishing for. Type is so vast.

I had a visit to the International Printing Museum right in my city a couple weeks ago. This location was filled with historic/antique printing machinery and a friendly man by the name Mark showed us a bunch of demonstrations and even gave me a mixed metal mold of the letter "M" he made at that minute. Printing history is amazing and important. 

Some texture and ink work I worked on in the beginning of the semester. 

I had the opportunity to attend KCCC's Higher Calling in San Diego this past week which ended up being a tremendous.. eye opening, blessing filled experience. I went to originally serve for the Youth division of the event but ended up watching over six beautiful 10th grade girls who were just incredible. So many thoughts about what happened but all I really want to say is.. God is good!

And this boy has been doing well too! 

And these good people too!

Trying to post some more fun content now that I'm on break. Hopefully I pull through.
Be well all!


  1. awww "the boy has been doing well too"
    All of your photos are so artsy, I love 'em all!
    Wishing you even greater 2016, Rebs! <3

    1. hehe thank you! been loving your posts
      wishing you a great 2016 as well <3