Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Café Stop: 'Awesome Coffee'

"Bringing you awesomeness."

Location: 3959 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles 90010 Suite A21

Nothing beats a small, cozy cafe with refreshing drinks and a stunning interior design. 'Awesome Coffee' is quite new in the Los Angeles Koreatown area, which made me want to check out this place even more. For only being open a couple of months, this place has amazing reviews on Yelp! Previous customers have raved about their welcoming environment, cozy and chic interior design, and of course, their awesome coffee. I can't find too much information about the history of this restaurant, (since the business is still new) but I can tell the longer this cafe is open, the more attention this little business will receive. 

I came to this cafe with Justin, right after we tried out 'The Bun Shop' a couple hours before. The night before when we were planning out our following day, I suggested this place after reading great reviews on different sites and seeing some photos uploaded on Instagram and Facebook. What caught my eye about this place was that they're famous for their "Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream". I didn't have the urge to want to try that out, but that thought of it was rather interesting and unique. When I saw some of the photos of their cafe posted on their website, that's when I really wanted to check out the place. So off we went!

The room was really well lit (We went around 6:00 PM, so lots of natural light shinning inside through the huge wide windows), and air conditioned. It was a hot day in Los Angeles so it was nice and refreshing. There are a few wide tables lined up against the wide wall/windows, along with some couches and comforters. Everything inside this place had a very "homey" ambiance. The cafe had many vintage cameras/electronics laid out as decor, along with some creative DIY flower/succulent holders. Also, I recognized the reoccurring trend of mason jars and vintage and rustic wood furniture spread across the cafe. In other words, the interior was beautiful. Also, if you know me well, you should know that succulents are one of my favorite plants, since there were so many of them spread throughout the cafe, I already loved the place!

There were only around two other customers inside, with their faces buried inside their laptops probably getting studying or work done, so the cafe was rather quiet, with some soft music playing in the background. Their menu had a wide selection of teas, coffees, espressos, ice cream, and pastries. I ordered a Vanilla Flavored Iced Coffee and Justin ordered an Iced Americano. Our drinks came out quickly and the barista was friendly. She seemed pretty shy, but she was sweet enough to help me out with what I wanted to order and recommended this drink to me. Like I mentioned earlier, it was a pretty warm day, so the drinks were great to cool us down. My drink was rather tasty, I'm not a huge coffee drinker (only can handle a bit of Justin's Americano) so the vanilla flavored added a great touch. Justin's Americano was strong for my taste buds but he seemed to enjoy it. (We threw in two sugars for taste) The drinks were served in adorable mason jars with black plastic straws, which honestly made them really pleasing to the eye.
We spent the next two hours chatting, taking photos, and just spending time together. The cafe seemed like a place where people can spend hours talking, studying, or finishing up work, the environment is fairly quiet and comfortable so I can see why. While we were there I had a chance to quickly chat with the manager, who was very friendly about me snapping photos around the cafe. In conclusion, I would love to come back to this cafe with a friend, or even alone to catch up on some work or my studies. I really do hope this joint will become more noticed, they really do deserve it. I enjoyed many parts of this cafe and hopefully I can make my second visit soon. 

 Additional Information: 
- Free Wi-Fi
- Accepts Credit Cards
- Second Floor of Plaza
- Follow them on Instagram for 10% off your order!

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