Friday, July 4, 2014

Out On The Town: Local Show @ Hollywood's 'Amplyfi'

"A place for fans."

Earlier this month I was invited to play bass and sing backup in my friend's last minute trio band. Considering the fact that he's moving to China this month and I never really had the chance to perform with him in years, I said, "Hey, why not?" I found it a great chance to bring along my new camera (Canon 6D) and take a couple shots for my other friends bands (Floral Hygiene & Russian Bleu). I even found it to a great opportunity to bring my boyfriend, friend, and brother and introduce them to some really talented local musicians. The show was on July 2nd, 2014 in Hollywood, CA at this awesome little venue that goes by the name of AMPLYFi. AMPLYFi is owned by 21 year old Kota Wade who's the lead singer of the band "Bad Wolf" as well as an award winning singer/songwriter. She opened up this small venue to network with local bands and to have a stage to perform on whenever she wanted to. I have to admit, this venue was fantastic. There was a wide arrangement of vinyls, couches, posters, lights, disco balls, and everything you need for a great time. The set up of the interior design honestly set a great mood for the night we all planned. Approximately fifty people showed up and we all spent the night dancing, moshing, and listening to some great indie, rock, and radio covers. I didn't get the chance to take that many photos, but here are a few!

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