Sunday, September 14, 2014

Afternoon at the California Science Center

In the middle of a desperate attempt to find somewhere unique to spend a lazy afternoon on one of the hottest days in Los Angeles, Justin and I decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary and headed over to the famous California Science Center. Whoever grew up in the Southern California area should be familiar with this Science Center considering the fact that most Elementary/Middle schools from this area would drag their students over here for "educational" field trips. It's known to be a great place to take children because almost everything in this center is interactive and playful, which really breaks the norm of usual museums where everything is prohibited to touch. But even with that being said, any adult or teenager would find this place super entertaining as well. It's been around four years since I've last visited this place so it was nice to see some familiar exhibitions and also it gave both Justin and I a great chance to snap some photos along the way. (Lot's of the photos here were taken by him! He's getting better than me.)  If you're ever around this area, make sure to check this place out, admissions are always free and it's an interesting place to spend an afternoon.

Taken on our drive back home, gotta love California.
Many of the exhibitions had projections all over the walls, gave us a great chance to get some silhouette photos.

Probably the most popular part of this place, the aquarium! So many people were crowded near the windows, especially children. It was quite interesting to see various peoples expressions as they stared off into the water.

All the little kids were going crazy every time he would wave, so adorable. 

The Science Center is well known for their various space exhibitions, very educational and impressive.

The Science Center store had a wide selection of semi-precious stones and salt crystals, tempted to go back and purchase some to start a collection. 

Friendly lady was kind enough to snap a photo of us together, hello!

As usual, thanks for reading. Always greatly appreciated. 
Have an awesome day you.

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