Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend in Big Bear

This past weekend I took a trip up to Big Bear, CA with the English Ministry from my church for a two day retreat. Because I just graduated from high school and I was recently moved up to the English Ministry as a college student, I have to say that I was pretty excited to go up to the mountains to get to know more people, worship God, and just to have a relaxing time away from all my school work and my life down back at home, even just for 48 hours.

The drive was fun, loud, and a bit scary, the roads aren't too fun when the sun goes down. It took our car around three hours to get to Big Bear, but time flew!

That night (not much photos from then) we unpacked our cars and had a short worship service when everyone arrived to our destination safely. The cabin/conference center was so cozy and home-like, I already want to go back. The weather in Big Bear fluctuates so quickly, so that chilly night was pretty much expected. We spent the rest of the night getting settled, hanging out, and playing board/card games.

Spontaneous creation of the Ramen Burger by Eric Chon!

The next (the only full day) day, we woke up, washed up, and got treated with some awesome breakfast made by our two talented chef friends (Eric and Justin). The whole day was a mixture of worship services, games, food (and LOTS of it), photos, skits, a campfire, and everything you would pretty much expect in a weekend get away in the mountains. The weather was beautiful and the air felt great, even if it gets a bit dry up in the mountains. 

Titus 1-2:18

Our worship leader, Joseph Kim!

Only one of the many midnight snacks made by Eric and Justin!

This short weekend was refreshing to get away from home and spend time with some old and new friends for a change. Now that college started and I'm shifting schools, my lifestyle, and also my ministry, this weekend was a nice reassuring reminder that God is with me and all I have to do it stay focused on him and work hard in the opportunities He has currently set out for me, and that He'll take care of the rest. To be honest, my life hasn't been the easiest or the smoothest these past couple of months, but whenever I feel uneasy or unsafe or in simple terms, just straight up sad, I always set out a reminder to myself that God is good. That He is so so good always and forever. God has been giving me some incredible opportunities recently with photography, my education, and even in my personal relationships, and sitting here right now typing this reminds me of how even in the midst of mental chaos and uncertainty, God is always there still sewing together a plan for me. 

"God we love you, we love you, but you love us so much more."

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day you. 

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