Thursday, June 18, 2015

Afternoon at El Matador State Beach

Went to Malibu for the first time with Justin this past Monday. Since he's off to Texas for a couple months after tomorrow, we tried to make the best of our one week of summer together and head off to somewhere where we can get away for an afternoon. After around an hour of driving, we arrived in Malibu, specifically El Matador State Beach. This place is really beautiful, it was the perfect place to squeeze summer into one day. Lots of photographs were taken along the way, many by Justin himself. So now, enjoy friends, and may your summer be filled with smiles and sunshine.

iPhone Photographs 

See you in September. Miss you already.

All the best,
Janis Rebecca


  1. Nice to meet you Janis! El Matador is hands down one of my favorite beaches in SoCal... Can't wait for your future posts!

    1. Hi Lisa :~)
      Thanks so much.. can't wait for your future posts too, really great content already