Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Wednesday Morning Breakfast

For the past couple weeks I've been eating the same consistent breakfast almost everyday. I just can't seem to stop this craving for an egg with a runny yolk, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a random choice of fruit. The whole simple concoction helps me not feel too full and weighed down, instead it fills me up just the right way and helps me feel energized until the afternoon. This doesn't even have the right to call itself a recipe, but it's something worth sharing!

First I like starting off by cutting up the cherry tomatoes into fourths and popping them in the refrigerator until everything else is prepared so by the time everything is ready they'll be cold, tart, and crunchy. After they're all cut up, I always sprinkle some pepper and throw on a pinch of salt on the tomatoes. Since cherry tomatoes are fairly sweet, the salt and pepper bring out the savory notes in the tomatoes. And for the days I want something extra flavorful, I love adding a bit of a vinegary balsamic vinaigrette on top for an extra kick.

Next, the avocado. I grab whichever is the ripest out of the bunch I have at home and use half per meal. I slice it into thin stripes and fan it out as neatly as I can on my plate. Avocado can taste pretty rich and bland on it's own, so I love putting a bit of lemon pepper on top to add a tangy flavor. I was introduced to lemon pepper around last year and I now I can't eat a plain avocado without it. If it's not in your pantry by now, get it! 

Lastly, the egg. I used to love just scrambling my eggs up with a spoonful of milk (for more fluffiness), but now, a runny yolk egg is my favorite. After cracking my egg onto a pan over medium heat, I let the whites of the egg settle a bit, then put a cover on the pan to steam cook the yolk decently through. You know when it's done if you lightly press on the yolk with the back of a spoon after a minute and there's a bit of firmness. Nothing beats a half runny yolk, makes a great sauce for the avocado and tomatoes as well.

After all of elements are prepared, grab a clean white plate, pick a fruit, place everything to your liking, snap a photograph, and the enjoy fruits of your labor! 

All the best,
Janis Rebecca


  1. love the layout and the colors! :)

  2. This made me crave avocados... Ahhh delicious!

    1. lemon pepper.. never fails!
      i hope london is beautiful and treat you well!

  3. looks awesome! great photos :)

  4. looks awesome! great photos :)